N2 GLOBAL – protecting electrical and control infrastructure of wind turbines


Expanding the range of industries where innovative fire prevention technologies fit best, in September, 2021 N2 GLOBAL team installed nitrogen generator at a wind farm in Ventspils, Latvia.  January, 2022 marks the time when the installation of the N2 GLOBAL generators at the Pope wind farm is complete.

Examination of the international situation helped to understand that lack of statistics, as well as low research levels and fire cases often make it difficult for wind farm owners and operators to decide what level of fire protection they need. This point is also highlighted by Windpower Monthly issue, stating that low awareness of the potential problem can often result in loss of trust for stakeholders of the wind energy industry, and become a reason to criticize transparency of wind farm owner intentions.

“Yet another important milestone has been reached by N2 GLOBAL” says Mr. Miķelis Lapše, CEO of the company. In September, 2021 N2 GLOBAL expanded the list of N2G nitrogen fire suppression product applications installing its nitrogen generators to protect electrical and control infrastructure of wind turbines at a wind farm in Ventspils, on a Western coast of Latvia. SIEMENS SW3 turbines have been harnesing environmentally friendly, sustainable wind energy for several years, already. Reviewing fire incident case studies in wind farms in Estonia, it was decided to save rising insurance costs and protect the assets integrating N2G nitrogen generators in high-hazard areas – electrical/control infrastructure.

The compact size and fast/simple installation process of N2G products has made it possible to provide a full scale protection in very tight quarters of wind turbine mast. “The task was further complicated by the necessity to automatically close dozens of ventilation openings in the electrical and control cabinets within the turbine” Mr. Lapše comments. One of a kind, N2G in-house design, automated flap system was installed. It closes all ventilation openings within 2 seconds from the moment fire is detected, allowing the nitrogen to be discharged within the sealed enclosure within 5 seconds, extinguishing the fire during the next 10 second period.

“We have proven N2 GLOBAL nitrogen generators are the best solution for wind turbine fire protection, especially, in off-shore applications, where low maintenance requirements, ease and simplicity of installation and operation are as important as a robust, moisture and vibration resistant stainless steel construction.”