The Company

N2 GLOBAL Ltd. is Canadian-Latvian company focused on developing and producing innovative clean agent fire suppression solutions for global markets. Our products can be integrated into new or existing fire security solutions. Our systems are safe for normally occupied spaces and safeguard your equipment, data and valuables by extinguishing fires quickly and effectively. The N2 GLOBAL knowledge base is effectively protected by patents in every crucial global market.

We research and develop effective and safe fire suppression products for every enclosed space to suppress fires at their source. We strive to improve the best features of clean gas and aerosol systems, creating a new and effective fire suppression system.

Our goal is to be the first choice of customers searching for innovative solutions to their firefighting challenges. Our promise to customers is – low discharge gas pressure and temperature; a fire suppression where fire starts; at no cost to human life and valuables.

N2 GLOBAL products do exactly that.

Our partners

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