Fire Safety in Cryptocurrency Mining. Case Study by N2 GLOBAL.


Cryptocurrency has established itself as one of the most notable phenomena in the world economics. In less than a decade digital currency has become a part of our life. A growing number of companies invest in crypto mining. The substantial CAPEX requires safeguarding, especially, when huge count of electrical connections and considerable heat transfer has to be reckoned with. 

Problem / Risk

The process of mining cryptocurrency requires a wide variety of powerful computer equipment, an

uncountable number of wires and cables connected to power supplies and components, and a

significant amount of electricity consumed. In such circumstances, the most significant physical risk

of cryptocurrency mining becomes ignition.


A fire can occur for a number of reasons, such as the use of inappropriate, unsafe equipment,

wiring failure, a short circuit due to overloading of the electrical network, overheating

of the equipment due to an incorrect cooling system, etc. Ignition occurs instantly,

the flame can spread very quickly and in seconds can lead to an uncontrolled fire

with significant and extensive damage.


Solution – N2 GLOBAL

N2 GLOBAL is on the forefront of providing clean, guaranteed fire security for the mining containers or so called mobile data centresOne of the effective and safe ways to take out fires is controlled decreasing of oxygen concentration in the air. That is exactly what N2 GLOBAL technology does to put out fires — it excludes oxygen from the burning process without harm to people and equipmentThat is why relatively small air volume in a high value mobile containers is a perfect match to N2 GLOBAL fire safety system. 


In cryptocurrency mining - time is money, literally. N2 GLOBAL ensures there is no business downtime ever, even in the case of fire. That is the reason why more and more crypto-miners choose N2G nitrogen generators to safeguard their investment and it pays off.